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What are Points?
Points are rewards that can be applied towards any purchase on VELTRA.
How can I use Points?
You will be given an option to use your Points at the time of purchase.
How do I earn Points?
They can be earned by booking and participating in activities. You will also receive 100 points when you post a review, and an additional 100 points if you post photos with your review.
Can I buy more Points?
The only way to purchase Points is to buy a VELTRA Gift Certificate. The amount from the Gift Certificate will be added to your Points.
Can I give my Points to someone else?
Although you cannot transfer points directly, you can purchase a VELTRA Gift Certificate using your points and give the Gift Certificate instead.
How many Points will I get when I make a booking?
You will receive Points equivalent to 1% of the total payment amount (rounded to the closest whole number: i.e. $156.67 = 157 points) two (2) days after you participate in your activity.
Will my Points expire?
Your points will expire 36 months after the day they are earned. When using your points, the points closest to expiring will be used first.
Do I have to use all my Points when making a Booking?
Yes, if you choose to use your Points towards any purchase, all applicable point will go towards that particular booking. You may not allocate how many Points can be used.
Will I keep my Points if I receive a refund after participating in an activity?
No, unfortunately we will need to deduct the amount of Points equivalent to the amount refunded from your account.

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