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What is a Reminder Email? When do I receive it?
You will receive an email reminder for your activities approximately 48 hours prior to leaving for your destination. This email is to simply reconfirm that your booking is confirmed and all you need to do is be sure to print out your voucher and enjoy your activity! When a booking is made within two (2) days of your departure date, you may only receive a "Booking Confirmation" email informing you that the booking has been completed.
Where is the contact information for my activity provider?
The contact information for your activity provider is located on the activity voucher. You can print up the voucher from Your Account page.
Do I have to make a "reconfirmation call" to the activity provider if it is noted on my activity voucher?
Yes, please call the activity provider upon arriving at your hotel or destination. If your voucher indicates a "Reconfirmation call one day prior to your activity date," this means the operation policy of your activity provider requires you to make this call to confirm your participation. If there is a language barrier with the activity provider, ask your hotel concierge or front desk to assist you.
If I won't be at the tour destination the day before the activity, what should I do about calling to reconfirm with the activity provider?
A reconfirmation call is made to inform the activity provider that you have arrived at your destination. If you are unable to call the day before, please call earlier. Depending on the activity provider, you may be able to leave a message.
I'm having difficulty phoning an activity provider. What should I do?
If you are having problems reaching your activity provider by phone: 1. Be aware of the time zone difference between you and your activity provider 2. Double check the country and area code you are dialing 3. If you are still having difficulty, please sign in to your account and click the Inquiries link to send us a message. We will respond as soon as possible.

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